New Score: Echoes

Actresses Nur Levi and Silvia Abascal

Actresses Nur Levi and Silvia Abascal


Spain holds—in conjunction with director Tomaž Pandur—a remarkably significant role in Silence's career. Some of the duet's most ambitious and well-received scores were written for Spanish productions (Hamlet, Medea, Fausto). Silence's very first orchestral score, written for Pandur's play Barroco, was recorded at Madrid's Teatro Real.

Hence, it gives us great pleasure to announce a sort of homecoming: Ecos (Echoes), a new collaboration between directress Livija Pandur and Silence, opens on November 14 at Madrid's Teatro Español.

Based on Henry Naylor's same-titled drama, the staging draws parallels between the life of Tillie, a Victorian pioneer, and Samira, a modern-day Jihadi bride. Although divided by a century, the lives of both women are defined by similar constraints, disillusionments, and aspirations. 

The play features an original score by Silence.

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