Silence is Hladnik (music and arrangements) and Benko (music, lyrics, and vocals).

The duet's discography consists of five studio albums: Ma non troppo (1997), Unlike a Virgin (1999), Vain – A Tribute to a Ghost (2004), Key Silence (2CD, 2006), and Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (2012).

The duet has scored more than fifty plays and dance performances. Silence’s notable collaborators include directors Tomaž Pandur, Aleksandar Popovski, Primož Ekart, Livija Pandur, and Matjaž Pograjc. The duet's discography includes four theatre scores: Maison des rendez-vous (2003), Love Unto Death (2007), Veronika (2005), and The Passion of the Cold (2008), a double album with music from Pandur’s plays Barroco and Caligula.

The duet has scored three feature-length films by Damjan Kozole: A Call Girl (2009), Project Cancer (2013), and Nightlife (2016). Silence's music features prominently in History of Love (2018), Sonja Prosenc's sophomore film.

The duet collaborates regularly with Laibach. In 2006, the duet composed and produced Volk, Laibach’s 7th studio album. In 2015, Laibach and Silence became the first Western alternative acts to perform in North Korea. Silence rearranged a number of standards from Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical The Sound of Music for the occasion. The songs were released by Mute Records in 2018.

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