Katarina Stegnar as Alcestis. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj

Katarina Stegnar as Alcestis. Photo: Aljoša Rebolj


Directed by Livija Pandur
Produced by Marin Držić Theatre, Dubrovnik
Opening night: September 14 2019
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Alkestida (Alcestis) marks the second collaboration between directress Livija Pandur and Silence. The staging, based on the oldest preserved play by Euripides, tells the story of Alcestis, the wife of Admetus, who sacrificed her own life in order to bring her husband back from the dead. The play features a remarkable performance by Katarina Stegnar in the title role.

The predominantly instrumental score—a marriage of mandolins and atmospheric synthesizers—includes Pjesma smrti, an original song with lyrics by Lada Kaštelan, and Kaj ti je deklica, an adaptation of a Slovene traditional song. The songs, performed live by the cast, feature pre-recorded vocals by Benko.

01 Pjesma smrti
02 Kaj ti je deklica

01 Alcestis / Variation 1
02 Alcestis / Variation 2
03 Alcestis / Variation 3
04 Hades Waltz
05 Hades Waltz / Synth Version
06 Pjesma smrti / Instrumental
07 Admetus