Blaž Šef as Ariol. Photo: Nejc Saje

Blaž Šef as Ariol. Photo: Nejc Saje


Directed by Matjaž Pograjc
Produced by the Mladinsko Theatre
Opening night: January 19 2019
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Meet Ariol, a small, good-natured donkey. Ariol is fully occupied with the challenging task of being a kid. He dreams of becoming Thunderhorse, his favourite superhero. He likes to hang out with his best friend, a piglet named Ramono. And he is desperately trying to win the affections of lovely Petula, a hot-tempered cow ... without making an ass of himself.

Matjaž Pograjc's play Ariol was adapted from the same-titled comic strip by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant. The two-part play, suitable for kids from 5 to 87 years old, features an original score by Silence.

The music, playful and eclectic, offers a rare opportunity to use the words “French Waltz”, “Paso Doble”, “Tango”, “Cha-Cha-Chá”, and “Silence” in the same sentence. The score includes three songs, which are performed live by the cast.

01 Disko kvin
02 Brenčin song
03 Gromski konj

01 Cha-Cha-Chá
02 Petula
03 Tango
04 Valse
05 Bonne nuit
06 Disco Drole - Variation #1
07 Disco Drole - Variation #2
08 Disco Drole - Variation #3
09 Paso Doble
10 Maman
11 Gentil
12 Amour
13 Le Docteur
14 La course
15 Pour une poignée de Morricone