Directed by Rene Maurin
Produced by Imaginarni and Cankarjev dom
Opening night: May 10 2009

The devil once took on the shape of a blackbird and flew into St. Benedict's face, thereby causing the saint to be troubled by an intense desire for a beautiful girl he had once seen. To deal with the temptation, he tortured his body by wallowing naked in brambles, badly tearing his skin but healing his soul. 
The Encyclopedia of Symbolism

In April and May 2009, Silence wrote four tracks for Črni kos (Blackbird), the first Slovene staging of David Harrower's acclaimed dramatic piece. Using various analogue synthesizers, the duet created etheric electronic soundscapes reminiscent of Vangelis, Maurice Jarre, and other pioneers of electronic music.

01 Blackbird Blues
02 Testosterone Blues
03 Estrogen Blues
04 Epilogue