Photo: Drago Videmšek

Photo: Drago Videmšek


Contemporary dance / Aerial performance / Musical
Directed and performed by Branko Potočan
Produced by Vitkar Institute
Opening night: December 12 2018

Črni petek (Black Friday) is a 30-minute performance by choreographer, dancer, and aerial acrobat Branko Potočan.

Inspired by Dragotin Kette's poem Melanholične misli (Melancholy Thoughts), Potočan explores the symbolism of his preferred theatrical prop, the rope. Given that suicide has been a pressing problem for decades in Slovenia, the rope is regarded as a dismaying symbol of Slovene national identity.

In the midst of a jolly season that drives many to the end of their tether, Potočan throws an unexpected lifeline … by offering a tender, graceful, and eminently poetic Black Friday.

The score includes the aforementioned poem by Kette, which has been set to music by Silence, and a selection of older tracks (Murder, Strange in a Strange Way, and Death is New York). The music is performed live by the duet.