Feature film, 2009
Directed by Damjan Kozole
Produced by Vertigo / Emotion Film
More information: www.vertigo.si

Slovenka (A Call Girl), director Damjan Kozole's 8th film, tells the story of Alexandra, a 23-year-old student of English language, whose secret source of income is prostitution. Alexandra has plans for her life, but life is not as easy as she expected.

Thanks to Kozole’s steadfast direction and a mesmerising performance by lead actress Nina Ivanišin, the film became a festival darling and collected numerous awards. At home, however, the picture caused quite a furore. Many Slovenes were offended by the film’s title, Slovenka (Slovene Girl). They accused the director of defaming the country and cementing stereotypes about easterners. The knee-jerk reaction confirmed the relevance of the film and its message. Kozole makes it clear: prostitutes are not misfits, easily recognisable individuals living on the fringes of society, but, in fact, ordinary, inconspicuous people living among us. They are not strangers, but family.

A Call Girl features Silence's very first feature film soundtrack. Kozole decided to use the acoustic version of Runalong – the last track from Silence's third studio album, Vain – as the movie's main theme. All the compositions featured in the movie are therefore adaptations or permutations of Runalong.

The music, lyrical and ethereal, provides a glance beneath Alexandra's thick-skinned appearance. The soundtrack features two instruments; the piano (interpreted by Hladnik) and the acoustic guitar (interpreted by Katja Porovne Silič). In order to achieve a distinctive sound, Silence amplified parts of the instruments that are usually disregarded, despite the interesting sounds they produce. In The Procurers, for instance, the sound of the piano is considerably quieter than the sound of Hladnik's foot pressing the piano's sustain pedal.

The soundtrack was recorded and produced in Silence's private production facility, the Daily Girl studio. The world premiere of A Call Girl took place at the Sarajevo Film Festival in August 2009.

01 Opening Theme
02 Convulsion
03 Guitar Theme #1
04 Guitar Theme #2
05 Guitar Theme #3
06 The Procurers
07 Runalong – Acoustic Version