Photo: Peter Uhan

Photo: Peter Uhan


Directed by Aleksandar Popovski
Produced by SNT Drama Ljubljana
Opening night: December 18 2010

V Damask (To Damascus), director Aleksandar Popovski's staging of August Strindberg's same-titled drama, is a curious play. It is actually a road movie pretending to be a play. It is also proof that Strindberg and David Lynch have more in common than one might think. In Popovski's hands, Strindberg's philosophical, self-analyzing drama becomes an epic road trip, one that takes place not on desert highways, but the equally cinematic landscapes of the human mind. The play features an acclaimed cast led by Igor Samobor in the role of the enigmatic Stranger. It also features exquisite scenography by Numen.

Popovski's cinematic concept depended heavily on music. Inspired by Angelo Badalamenti's spellbinding soundtracks to David Lynch's films, Chris Isaak's suave pop rock and Rita Pavone's timeless classics, Silence created dense, surrealistic atmospheres by fusing slow guitar riffs with psychedelic soundscapes and swingy, tuplet-laden grooves. The score's prominent, ever-present main theme (Stranger's Theme) enhances the play's cinematic feel. Popovski uses the music to deter viewers from literality. By obstinately refusing to illustrate, the music constantly reminds us of the metaphoric value of Strindberg's text and provides much of the play's poetic, dreamlike quality.

The score includes one song (Stranger's Song), performed live by Samobor and actress Barbara Cerar. All tracks were written, recorded and produced between September and December 2010.

01 Stranger' Theme / Variations 1-4
05 Stranger's Song
06 Damascus Swing
07 The Trip
08 Waltz
09 Asylum
10 The Lady
11 Irregular
12 Monochrome
13 The Road
14 Subtile