Dance performance
Directed by Matjaž Pograjc
Produced by Bunker Productions
Opening night: December 22 2007

In October 2007, Silence wrote five pieces for Dance Or Die, Betontanc's dynamic 13th play in which words are discarded and dance reigns supreme. The plot is loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Masque of the Red Death. Five couples find themselves locked in a chamber. They're faced with two options: they can either dance – or die.

Silence's tracks, used as introspective breaks between frenetic sonic "patchworks" done by Jure Vlahovič (composed of short samples taken from various pop and dance hits), were recorded at studio Jork on October 14 2007. The compositions, inspired by the works of Yann Tiersen and Gabriel Yared, were performed by Hladnik (piano), Matej Javoršek (glockenspiel), Rihard Zadravec (accordion), and Blaž Celarec (percussion). The duet produced and mixed the tracks at Daily Girl.

01 L'automne
02 L'hiver
03 Le printemps
04 L'été
05 Valse sérieuse, mais pas trop