Photo: Barbara Čeferin

Directed by Maruša Oblak
Produced by Mladinsko Theatre
Opening night: March 8 2011

Diva svetnica mati prasica (Diva Saint Mother Bitch) is an insightful play about the making of plays. Director/actress Maruša Oblak explores the sublimities and painful realities of the acting profession. She also examines – in a delightfully merciless manner – the volatile symbiosis between actors and directors.

The score consists of three songs (performed live by Oblak) and three instrumentals. These stylistically diverse compositions trace Oblak's virtuosic leaps between different theatrical genres and emotional states. Two songs are covers; Song 1 is an electronic adaptation of Gotan Project's Celos, whilst Song 2 is a somewhat surprising remodelling of Marc Anthony's Si te vas. All songs feature lyrics by Friedrich Nietzsche. I kid you not. Also sprach Friedrich und spielte Silence.

01 Instrumentals 1–3
04 Songs 1–3