Radio show / Live acoustic performance
Performed at the Tivoli Recording Studios, Ljubljana
Broadcast live on April 17 1997

A month after the release of their first album, Silence appeared on Izštekani, a renowned Slovene radio show specialized in showcasing acoustic performances. Silence's intimate, stripped-to-the-bone performance (vocal and piano) redefined the public perception of the duet's music (widely perceived as simplistic and production-dependent at the time).

Izštekani 2 (Dallas/RŠ, 1999), a compilation featuring a selection of highlights from the show's prolific history, includes two songs from the session (Walkaway and I'm a Memory).

01 La troia
02 The Player
03 Samuel's Gabriel
04 I'm a Memory
05 Kraljestvo mačjih oči
06 Shut Up
07 Neglected / The Rain
08 In the Dead of Night
09 Silence
10 Walkaway
11 In Your Name
12 The Girl of My Best Friend