Radio show / Live acoustic performance
Performed in front of a live audience at Štih's Hall, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Broadcast live on March 31 2000

A few months after the release of their 2nd album and three years after their first appearance on Izštekani, Silence returned to the scene of the crime, accompanied by a remarkable group of musicians: Blaž Medja (drums), Aleš Berkopec (acoustic guitar), and the Rožmarinke string quartet. Broadcast live from the central Slovene cultural and congress centre, the show remains one of Silence's most memorable performances to date.

01 P. S.
02 Heavy Straighter
03 God Forsaken Country
04 The 5th Elephant
05 La troia
06 Scream, Greeneyes
07 The Player
08 Son of Sin
09 The Rain
10 4-2
11 Drive
12 The Girl of My Best Friend
13 I'm a Memory
14 Nevermind the Bastard
15 Kraljestvo macjih oci