Directed by Tomaž Pandur
Produced by George Kimoulis
Opening night: April 16 2015
In early 2015, George Kimoulis' long-lasting dream of staging King Lear with director Tomaž Pandur came to fruition. Kimoulis, one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Greek theatre, produced the play and took the title role.

The acoustic, predominantly minimalist score combines pianos, cellos and Orthodox church chants. The music was performed by Silence's long-time collaborators Dragan Djordjević (cello), Igor Mitrović (cello), and Igor Vićentić (piano). The piano was recorded at Pianoroom. The score was produced by Silence in February and March 2015 at Daily Girl.

01 The King is Mad
02 The Good Daughter
03 Love Like Salt
04 Laughing at Gilded Butterflies
05 The Storm
06 King Fear
07 King Fear / Variation
08 Solitude
09 Alpha
10 Beta
11 Gamma