Photo: Jørund F. Pedersen

Photo: Jørund F. Pedersen


Full-length documentary, 2016
Directed by Uģis Olte and Morten Traavik
Produced by Mute Records, Norsk Fjernsyn, and Staragara
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In 2015, Laibach and Silence became the first Western alternative acts to perform in the fortress state of North Korea. Liberation Day chronicles the expedition.

The film explains why wearing Nazi uniforms on stage actually increases your chances of being invited to perform in North Korea ... why the only reliable piece of information to be found in North Korean media is that the Western media cannot be trusted ... and why those who value a straightforward and effective chain of command should steer clear of dictatorships.

The premiere screening of Liberation Day took place on November 19 2016 at the IDFA Festival in Amsterdam.