Photo: Barbara Čeferin

Photo: Barbara Čeferin


Directed by Matjaž Pograjc
Produced by Mladinsko Theatre
Opening night: December 28 2004

Based on Frank Wedekind's expressionist drama Lulu, Lulubaj focused on the moral degradation of Lulu's lovers / killers. The cast and the audience roamed through the ruins of an old post office near the Mladinsko Theatre in Ljubljana. The wreckage was staged as a 1920's Berlin ravaged by depression, a dissolute 1940's Paris and a bizarre farm in the outskirts of London in the 60's.

The score followed the cast and the audience on their journey. The play opened in Berlin with melancholy piano pieces, shifted to Paris with flamboyant, accordion-laden tracks, and ended in London with ... well, a weird musical concoction. Each metropolis was marked by a song sung by Benko in the local language. The historic value of all three songs is undisputable; they represent Hladnik's lyric debut, as well as Benko's baptism of fire in German and French. The soundtrack was written, produced, recorded, and mixed in Silence's private studio, the Daily Girl studio.

In 2006, Accession Records released Key Silence – a 2CD anthology containing a selection of pivotal Silence tracks. The record features three previously unreleased tracks from Lulubaj: Der Untergang, Les Egoistes, and The Last Dance.

01 Arrival / Departure
02 A Letter from the Dead
03 Der Untergang / The Berlin Song
04 Les Egoistes / The Paris Song
05 Entering the Theatre
06 Henriette's Monologue
07 Schwarz and Countess Geschwitz
08 Have You Ever Seen a Butterfly Scream?
09 The Last Dance / The London Song