Directed by Tomaž Pandur
Produced by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival
Opening night: August 3 2012
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Less than six months after the opening of War and Peace in Zagreb, director Tomaž Pandur and Silence were back in Croatia, working on Medea, a restaging of Pandur’s 2009 rendition of Euripides’ drama. As is usually the case, the resurrected play gradually developed a personality of its own. Whilst the old Medea focused on the tragic destiny of exiles, the new staging concentrates on Medea's feminininity. This is, first and foremost, the story of a woman audacious enough to challenge a patriarchal society. The play features an outstanding cast led by Alma Prica, as well as mesmerizing holographic projections by Dorijan Kolundžija.

The score is divided into two sections. The first includes a selection of classical masterpieces (Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach), Croatian popular music (Ta tvoja ruka mala and Tiho plove moje čežnje by Ivo Robić), and renowned movie themes (written by Ennio Morricone, John Morris, and Gabriel Yared). These beautiful, lyrical, nostalgia-inducing works – used by Pandur as quotes and tributes – are in turn contrasted by a selection of dark, predominantly atonal compositions, recorded and produced by Silence. The tracks feature harpist Anja Gaberc and accordionist Marko Brdnik. The score also includes two pieces from the 2009 Medea, Prologue and Desolation.

01 The Presents of the Wicked
02 The Ploy
03 The Guardian of the Golden Fleece
04 Mermeros and Pheres
05 A Heart Dissolves