Directed by Aleksandar Popovski
Produced by Yugoslav Drama Theatre (JDP)
Opening night: June 9 2010

Splendid music. 
Ana Isaković, Danas

The music ... has a very important role in emphasizing emotional meanings and defining the play's rhythm. The songs, performed live by the actors, are also momentous in deepening the emotional effect ...
Ana Tasić, Politika

In May 2010, Silence wrote a handful of songs for Metamorfoze (Metamorphoses), an unorthodox, eclectic staging of Ovid's homonymous narrative poem. The play marks the first collaboration between Aleksandar Popovski – a prolific theatre and film director, best known for his 1998 film Goodbye, 20th Century – and Silence.

The play, a collage of unconventional love stories that are equally successful in raising eyebrows today as they were in Ovid's times, features five songs interpreted live by the play's cast. The lyrics consist of verses taken from Kosta Racin's book of poetry Antologija bola (Anthology of Pain). The score also features a selection of older tracks taken from various Silence albums.

01 Song 1
02 Song 2
03 Song 3
04 Song 4
05 Song 5