Directed by Tomaž Pandur
Produced by Mittelfest, Pandur.Theaters, and the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb
Opening night: July 12 2013
More info: www.pandurtheaters.com

I live in hell and paint its pictures.

Michelangelo, the 8th collaboration between director Tomaž Pandur and Silence, opens with a transfixing animation. The latter enters The Last Judgement, Michelangelo Buonarroti's famed fresco, and cruises among the nearly 400 figures, thus offering an unparalleled, in-depth view of the painting. All the while, the picture cracks and crumbles. In the end, the fresco dissolves into darkness, revealing the subject of the ensuing play: the background of a masterpiece.

Inspired by Miroslav Krleža's drama Michelangelo Buonarroti, the play features a spellbinding performance by Livio Badurina in the title role.

The play features an orchestral score. The duet decided to translate the concept of the opening animation (done by Dorijan Kolundžija) into music. In order to do so, the duet used recipes from the modernist cookbook. The compositions start off as classic, conventionally structured pieces and then gradually break apart. To achieve this effect, the duet disregarded the constraints of rhythm and tonality and suspended the hierarchy of music elements. Curiously enough, it took a surprising amount of meticulousness to mess things up. All tracks were recorded in May and June 2013 at Daily Girl, Silence's private studio.

01 Il giudizio universale
02 Strumento della Passione
03 La discesa dei dannati
04 Il segno di Giona
05 Il bene e il male
06 Pietà per pianoforte
07 Fine dei tempi
08 Il regno di Dio