Puppet show / Play
Directed by Matjaž Pograjc
Produced by Mladinsko Theatre and the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Opening night: March 21 2001

In 2001, two major Slovene theatres decided to stage a new version of James M. Barrie's classic novel. Once again, Neverland was brought to life – thanks to a remarkable cast of actors and puppet(eer)s. The play, conceived as a musical, was Silence's first encounter with an audience whose attention is hard to capture and even harder to retain – children. The score, produced by Silence and Peter Penko, features seven songs (sung by the actors and puppeteers) and eighteen instrumentals.

01 The Shadow
02 Peter's Arrival
03 The Arrow
04 Introduction
05 Neverland Reggae
06 Laundry
07 Sonata
08 The Pirate Song
09 Crocodile!
10 The Duel
11 The Closet
12 Our House
13 Indian Song
14 Tinkerbell is Dying
15 Cats' Eyes Kingdom
16 The Boat / Ghosts 1
17 Prisoners / Ghosts 2
18 Three Words
19 Hook and Wendy
20 The Uprising
21 The Waltz
22 Hook's Return
23 The Lullaby
24 The Cake
25 Hymn