Full-length documentary, 2013
Directed by Damjan Kozole
Produced by Vertigo / Emotion Film
More information:

Frank Uwe Laysiepen – better known by his pseudonym Ulay – is a prominent German performance artist, renowned for his work with Marina Abramović. Kozole's documentary focuses on Ulay's struggle with cancer and offers insight into a life of unremitting, highly principled artistic radicalism.

The film features Pioneers of Nothing, a song from Silence's 4th album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World. The song's instrumental opening, based on five alternating tones, served as inspiration for the remainder of the score. Three original compositions were recorded for the film; they combine acoustic and electric guitars (performed by Uroš Rakovec) with minimalistic, synthesizer-generated soundscapes. The score was recorded and produced in Silence's private production facility, the Daily Girl studio.

01 Pioneers of Nothing
02 Hope
03 Hope / Acoustic Guitar
04 Hope / Electric Guitar