Directed by Tomaž Pandur
Produced by the Croatian National Theatre
Opening night: October 14 2011
More information: www.pandurtheaters.com

War and Peace, Tomaž Pandur's audacious staging of Tolstoy's magnum opus, marks the 6th collaboration between the acclaimed director and Silence. The play alternates between minimalism and grandeur, contrasting the blood-soaked battlefields of the Napoleonic Wars with the lavish, aloof world of Russian nobility. For all its sophistication and dark elegance (the hallmarks of Pandur's theatre), War and Peace is a surprisingly mischievous play. This is particularly evident in the play's boisterous final act. Concieved as a 1960's show (hosted by actor Livio Badurina), the act features musical and dance numbers, as well as a flamboyant love scene – in Russian! – staged as a radio play.

The play features a remarkable cast led by Goran Grgić, Milan Pleština, Zrinka Cvitešić, and Milena Zupančič. The visuals, stunning as always, are signed by Numen (scenography), Danica Dedijer (costumes), and Juan Gomez Cornejo (lighting).

The score consists of minimalistic piano pieces, orchestra tracks and atonal soundscapes.