One-man play
Directed and performed by Primož Ekart
Produced by Imaginarni and Cankarjev dom
Opening night: February 8 2007

In the beginning of 2007, Silence wrote six piano pieces for Poročena s seboj (I Am My Own Wife), a one-man play directed and performed by Primož Ekart. Written by Doug Wright, the play examines the life of German individual Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, born Lothar Berfelde, who killed his father when he was a young boy and survived the Nazi and Communist regimes in East Berlin as a transvestite.

All six tracks were based on Joseph Ivanovichi's Donauwellen.

01 The Award
02 Charlotte's Theme
03 Newscast
04 The Sigi Fluss Show
05 Charlotte Enters
06 Sigi Fluss Outro