Puppet show
Directed by Matjaž Pograjc
Produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Opening night: February 25 2004

Matjaž Pograjc's warm and witty staging of A. A. Milne's classic features seven songs (sung by the puppeteers) and five instrumentals. The music, a mixture of toyful accordions and driving pizzicato strings, was loosely inspired by Danny Elfman's ingenious themes for Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and the work of the great Henry Mancini (author of the legendary Pink Panther theme). The score was recorded and produced in Silence's private production facility, the Daily Girl studio.

01 Opening Song
02 Blue Baloon
03 The Rain Song
04 Rompomboom
05 Rabbit – Instrumental
06 The Feast / Pooh and Rabbit
07 Pooh is Stuck!
08 The Tralala Song
09 Kanga and Roo
10 Piglet's Rescue
11 The Sun / Pooh and Owl
12 Closing Song